Booklist Form 4&5

Form 4&5 Booklist

Comprehensive English Course CXC
Home Economics CSEC & Beyond: Food & Nutrition by R. Dyer & N. Maynard (4th form only)
Home Economics CSEC & Beyond: Management by R. Dyer & N. Maynard (Same as Form 1-3)
Chemistry for CSEC Examination – 3rd Ed. By  Mike Taylor and Tania Chung (Also available in e-Book)
Physics for CSEC 3rd Ed. by Alec farley and Clarence Trotz (Also available in e-Book)
Biology for CSEC Examinations by Linda Alwaroo-Ali  (available only in e-Book)
Human and Social Biology for CSEC 3rd. Ed. by Phil Gabb ( Also available in e-Book)
Human and Social Biology Workbook for CSEC by Bryan and Gill Hollamby, Published 2014
Integrated Science for CSEC 3rd Ed. By Tanya Chung (Also available in e-Book)
SBA Notebook for each of the Sciences (Biology, Chemisry, Integrated Science & Physics)
Principles of Accounts for the Caribbean by Frank Wood and Shelia Robinson
Principles of Business for CSEC with SBA Study Guide and  Exercises by K. Robinson & S. Hamil
Modules in Social Studies 4th Edition by Ramsawak/Umraw – Caribean Publishers
 Heinemann Information Technology for CSEC by K. Mary Reid, Deepak Dinesan, Rayman Khan
Mathematics – A Complete Course Volume 1 by Raymond Toolsie – (Form 4)
Longman Caribbean Atlas (Form 1-5)
Woodwork Technology by  J.K.N.  Sackey
Technical Drawing for GCE and CXC by  JN Green
 Bible – NIV


Supplements (depending on options chosen)
CALCULATOR – Texas Instruments TI-30 XS Multiview Calculator (No Substitute)
Ruled Sheets
Stapler & Staples
Geometric Set, Scientific Calculator
T Square, Drawing Set
Set Squares, Compass
Ledger  Books
Recipe Book – Foods
Apron and Cap – Foods
Overall  – Woodwork/Art
White Lab Coat – only for students who are taking the pure sciences (Bio.,  Chem., & Physics)
NB:  Textbooks will vary depending  on  options chosen