Booklists Form 2

Form 2 – Booklist

¿Qué hay?  1 & 2 (Textbook and Workbook)
Oxford Spanish Dictionary (Same as Form 1)
Oxford School Dictionary (Same as Form 1)
Sunsong 2 By Mordecai
My Father Sun-Sun Johnson by C Everard Palmer
Cricket in the Road by Michael Anthony
A Comprehensive English Course Bk. 2 by Uriel & Clifford Narinesingh
Home Economics CSEC & Beyond: Food & Nutrition by R. Dyer & N. Maynard (same as Form 1)
Home Economics CSEC & Beyond: Management by R. Dyer & N. Maynard (Same as Form 1)
Home Economics CSEC & Beyond:Clothing & Textiles by R. Dyer & N. Maynard (Same as form1)
Oxford Mathematics for the Caribbean Bk 2 5th Ed. By N. Goldberg & N. Cameron-Edwards
 Integrated Science  for CSEC 2nd Ed.  by T. Chung Harris (Same as Form 1)
Ineraction with Information Technology by Roland Birbal, Michelle Taylor Bk 2
Caribbean and the Wider World Book 3
The Longman Atlas for Caribbean Examinations  ( Same as Form 1))
Technical Drawing for GCE & CXC by JN Green
Young Woman/Man (Gallagher) (Same for Form 1-5)
Bible -NIV
*Christ Object Lessons
*Gifted Hands by Ben Carson


Ruled Sheets
Stapler & Staples
Precission Compass
Geometric Set
T Square, TD Drawing Set
Drawing books, Crayon Pencils for Visual Arts
Paint Brushes, Paint, etc.  For Visual Arts
Drawing pencils for Technical Drawing (H and 2H)
Apron and Cap – Foods
Overall  – Woodwork/Art
Physical Education uniform (available at school)